Kaytranada’s album 99.9% is the sort of stuff that will make you bite your lower lip.  Unlike some other EDM, however, your lip won’t be bloody after a night of listening to it.  From the first track onward, the sound is cheerful, funky, and mildly psychedelic (though not half as psychedelic as the album cover itself). I didn’t want to shake my head off when the beat dropped, as I sometimes do when I’m moved by EDM.  Instead I closed my eyes and let myself sink into its playful but undeniably sexy sound.  My favorite track, “You’re The One” features Syd, The Internet’s lead singer.  Syd’s voice is always beautiful, and paired with Kaytranada’s bouncy rhythm, it becomes transcendent.

The videos that accompany some of these songs are worth a look at, too.  “Lite Spots” is a propelling and pleasurable song, and its music video a platonic California love song between man and man's new best friend, the robot.  Taking place over the course of a day and beginning with the robot’s awakening at the hands of Kaytranada, the video documents various musical interactions between bot and city dweller.  Kaytranada’s robot is a friendly little dude who is good at vibing and dancing with people on whatever musical level they happen to be. When the robot first experiences sadness it is because he can’t figure out how to break dance like his potential new friend.  Kaytranada consoles, and hearts flash in the robot’s eyes.  The child-sized robot is much like 99.9% itself: good natured, energetic, and hard not to like.